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Useful Information

If you haven't already, start your family tradition here! There is nothing like a brand new, fresh cut tree to fill the air with everything Christmas. An artificial tree doesn't smell like Christmas. It's not really Christmas until you go out as a family, select the right tree as a family, cut it down as a family, and bring it home as a family. That is what Christmas is all about. Family.

Tips for choosing the right tree

  • Call first. If you are unsure about the directions to our farm, please call -or- .
  • Make sure you know what size tree you need. You would be surprised how many people buy a tree that is too big.
  • Do a freshness test on the trees. Green needles on fresh trees break crisply when bent sharply with the fingers -- much like a fresh carrot.
  • Look for other indicators of dryness or deterioration: excessive needle loss, discolored foliage, musty odor, needle pliability, and wrinkled bark. A good rule-of-thumb is, when in doubt about the freshness of a tree, select another one.

Care tips for your new tree

  • Displaying trees in water in a traditional reservoir type stand is the most effective way of maintaining their freshness and minimizing needle loss problems.
  • Cut off approximately a 1/2" disk from the bottom of the trunk. Make sure to make a straight cut, no v-shaped cuts.
  • Shake the the tree prior to displaying in the house to ensure the loose needles won't end up on your floors.
  • Check the tree stand daily to ensure the water levels are not below the base of the tree.
  • Ensure all power outlets are in good condition and do not show signs of wear or breakage.
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